Modification of Social Dialogue Law must not affect Romania’s economic competitiveness

Coaliția pentru Dezvoltarea României (CDR) expresses its concern about the evolution of the legislative process to amend the Social Dialogue Law. The draft law was rejected by the Romanian Senate in November 2018 and is currently registered for debate at the Chamber of Deputies.

The proposed amendments to the text currently in the debate violate the principle of the International Labour Organisation on voluntary collective bargaining. The project establishes a major imbalance between the social partners and contains provisions that de facto nullify the concept of constructive and balanced social dialogue. It should be noted that the project received a negative opinion from the Economic and Social Council.

The process of amending the Law on social dialogue must follow all stages of the legislative process, namely: impact assessment, government viewpoint and real consultation of employers and trade unions that take into account all the arguments outlined by the parties involved. Furthermore, the CDR considers that, in many of the aspects provided for in the project, the Competition Council must express an opinion.

Coaliția pentru Dezvoltarea României believes that one of the basic pillars of the competitiveness of Romania’s economy is the labour market, which is currently experiencing major problems, particularly because of the labour shortage. A regulation that would imbalance social dialogue cannot be in the interest of employees or investors.

CDR calls on the Romanian Parliament not to adopt these changes in a hurry, without a broad consultation with all the parties involved. In order to have a stable legislation that does not further damage the labour market, Parliament should seek an agreement of representative employers and trade unions at national level on the proposed changes.

The press release and the technical appendix can be consulted here.