Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation



  • Address: 44 Alexandru Ioan Cuza Blvd., District 1, Bucharest
  • Email: office@fppg.ro
  • Tel: +4021.252.00.66
  • Fax: +4021.252.00.66
  • President: Franck Albert Neel
  • Executive Director: Cătălin Niță

Accession Date to Concordia Employers Confederation

The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation is a founding member of Concordia Employers Confederation since 12.02.2007.

Member Organizations

  • Petrogaz Employers’ Organization
  • Gaz Employers’ Organization

The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation is representative at the level of the ”Energy, oil, gas and energy mining” activity sector.



The actions taken by FPPG are a means of creating a cohesion between the private and the public environment, of supporting communication amongst the entities involved in the energy, oil, gas and energy mining fields, for a better operation of all involved parties.

Studies & Analyses

As analysis provider, through the instruments it has available, the Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation publishes in-depth research on the country’s energy security and on the industry’s dynamics. Such analyses involve signalling risk situations, as well as the opportunities the legislative changes could offer.