Employers’ Federation of Financial Services in Romania


  • Addess: 10 Montreal Sq., GF, District 1, Bucharest
  • Email: office@cpbr.ro
  • President: Steven van Groningen

Accession Date to Concordia Employers Confederation

Employers’ Federation of Financial Services in Romania is a member of Concordia Employers Confederation since 2016.

Member Organizations

Employers’ Federation of Financial Services in Romania is representative at the level of the activity sector “financial activities, banking and insurance”.


Employers’ Federation of Financial Services in Romania aims at contributing to strengthen confidence in the Romanian banking system and to help with the development of the country’s economy, both as part of the tripartite dialogue, but also through raising banking standards as a measure of real protection to consumers.

  • Objectives and activities at national level
    • promote communication, cooperation and social dialogue between this Employers’ Association and the authorities of Romania
    • cooperate with the authorities to overcome difficulties and obstacles which may exist in relations with general public, customers, private domestic and foreign investors
    • contribute to increasing levels of industry standards and financial literacy in Romania
    • contribute to the initiation, preparation and promotion of new laws or other legislative or regulatory initiatives, or the modification of those already existing
    • issue advisory opinions on proposed laws or other legislative or regulatory initiatives submitted to this Employers’ Association for review
    • support the full freedom of action of its Members to develop and render their activity commercially efficient
    • enhance industry professional standards and establish common training programs and certifications
    • establish minimum ethical standards and monitoring mechanisms aligned with the specific requirements stipulated by the Romanian legal and regulatory framework
    • promote fair competition to ensure equal opportunities to each of its Members
    • facilitate the exchange of ideas and opinions of its Members with the goal to identify and promote common interests
    • draft position papers and technical documents for the common use of its Members
    • contract on behalf of its Members and distribute informative market analysis, benchmarking studies, periodicals, books and the like
    • raise and make use of funds and manage such funds in pursuance of its purposes and goals

  • Objectives and activities at international level
    • support the take-up of development funds available to Romania under various European Union policies
    • promote the interests of the international business community in Romania with the goal to attract additional Foreign Direct Investment
    • cooperate with international organizations or other entities with similar purposes and activities
    • organize and participate in meetings, symposia, seminars, courses.