Automotive Industry Employers’ Federation


  • Address: 24 Preciziei Av., District 6, Bucuharest
  • Email:
  • Tel.: +4031.069.94.20
  • President: Christophe Dridi

Accession Date to Concordia Employers Confederation

Automotive Industry Employers’ Federation is a member of Concordia Employers Confederation since 2013.

Member Organizations

  • Employers Organization Auto Industrial:
    • SC Automobile Dacia SA
    • SC Renault Mécanique Roumanie SRL
    • SC Metaplast SRL

  • Employers Organization Auto Engineering Commercial:
    • SC Renault Commercial Roumanie SRL
    • SC Renault Technologie Roumanie SRL

Over 29.000 employees work in the member companies of the Automotive Industry Employers’ Federation.