Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies



Employers’ Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies – ACUE was established in May 2012, on the initiative of founding members: the Association of the Energy Utility Companies -Production and Distribution (ACUE-PD) and the Association of the Energy Utility Companies – Supply and Services (ACUE -FSC).

The Federation is established at the level of the oil, gas, energy and mining sector, according to the provisions of Social Dialogue Law no. 62/2011 and this Statute, by free will of the founding members.

The Federation is autonomous, non-political, legal entity established as a private, non-profit organization.

Founding associations are made up of the most important companies in the private and public electricity and utilities, such as CEZ Romania, E.ON Romania, Enel Romania, ENGIE Romania and Electrica.



Contribution to regulations in various fields, including legislative amendments and ensuring fair competition. Involvement in strengthening the Employers’ Confederation “Concordia” to ensure a unified voice in the dialogue with the authorities, political representatives and trade unions.


ACUE Federation was constituted in order to represent, support and protect the interests of its members in relations with public authorities, trade unions and other legal entities and individuals, both nationally and internationally, according to its statute and in accordance with the law.

Also, the Federation will focus its activities on developing, implementing and supporting market competition rules. To this end, the Federation develops, implements and supports the improvement of fairness, transparency and business ethics of the business environment and of companies that compete in the energy, oil and gas field.


The values promoted by the Federation are:

o    responsibility

o    involvement

o    transparency

Objectives of the Federation

  • The main objectives of the Federation are:
    • To represent, promote, uphold and defend the economic, technical and legal aspects of its members in relations with public authorities, trade unions and other legal entities and individuals, both nationally and internationally.
    • To activate the full freedom of action of its members to develop and streamline their business.
    • Promote fair competition, under the law, to ensure equal opportunities for each of its members.
    • Designate the law representatives to negotiate and conclude collective agreements, negotiations and other agreements with public authorities and trade unions, as well as bilateral and tripartite management structures and social dialogue.
    • Provide competent public authorities regulation, technical and administrative measures energy.
    • Carry out activities to promote the interests of its members in relation to national and international institutions.
    • To work with policy makers and representatives of various economic sectors, for solving problems of general interest and of special interest in energy.
    • To issue advisory opinions in drafting legislation on employers in the business activities of its members.
    • To collaborate with similar foreign organizations, employers and employer representative bodies in Europe and around the world.
    • Participate in preventing misconduct Federation members in marketing and advertising, and to deal with them, mainly through mediation.


    Also to promote economic and professional interests of its members, the Federation can:

    • provide its members access to information through the development of activities of study, research, publishing and specialized expertise;
    • facilitate networking between them and with other organizations, national or international;
    • provide advisory services and assistance, including training the workforce;
    • edit and print its own publications and to organize events in its field;
    • provide various business services, including advertising and commercial advertising, marketing or market research studies;
    • provide any other services required by their members, in compliance with the law;
    • assist and represent its members at their request, before courts at all levels, the court or tribunal, other institutions or authority or elected by their own defenders;



Governing bodies:

  • General Assembly of representatives of associations affiliated to the federation;
  • Board of Directors – 14 members;
  • President of ACUE and of Board of Directors: Frank HAJDINJAK – CEO E.ON România S.A.; office@acue.ro
  • Executive Director: Ph.D. Eng. Silvia VLĂSCEANU, silvia.vlasceanu@acue.ro


Founding members of ACUE:

  • Association of the Energy UtilitiesProduction and Distribution (ACUE-PD), with 15 companies
  • Association oftheEnergyUtilities-Supplyandservices (ACUE- FSC), with 15 companies


Federation is the representative in the sector ‘Energy, Oil & gas and Mining Energy’, based on Social Dialogue Law no. 62/2011, , art. 72 alin. (1) lit. B şi art. 73 lit. B and on Order of the Court of Bucharest

Affiliation to national and international organizations and bodies

In 2008, former Association of Companies for Energy Utilities – ACUE voluntarily affiliated to Employers’ Confederation CONCORDIA, considering the need for a unified employers’ movement.