Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation



It was founded by the Constituent General Assembly on 12.09.1991, under Law no. 21/1924, Decree 31/1954 and Government Decision no. 503/1991.

It has legal personality: given by Civil no. 101 of 25.02.1992, issued by the Court District 1 Bucharest, File no. 81/PJ/1992;

Original name, “Employers’ Federation ELPEGA” was amended by the General Assembly and confirmed by End sector 1 Bucharest Court pronounced in public hearing on 09.09.1999 in File no. 81/PJ/1992 – Oil and Gas Employers Federation.

Certificate of registration of non-profit legal person no. 22 of 19.11.2004, issued by the Bucharest Court, Civil Division III.


Federation’s vision is to become a prestigious representative employers’ organization and an active partner abroad for international organizations, in order to support effectively the interests of its members.


The main objectives of the Federations are:

  • unitary representation, support, defend and promote the interests of its members in relations with public authorities, trade unions and other legal entities and individuals, both nationally and internationally.
  • to strengthen the unity and identity of Romanian Employers by joining a confederation nationally representative.
  • promoting the principles of free competition, under the law, to ensure equal opportunities for each of its members.
  • working with states and employers’ associations affiliated companies to improve sector policies and strategies, and to the continuous improvement of the Romanian business environment in general.
  • Development and modernization of Federation activities by applying modern management concepts and methods
  • Support for Federation members and companies affiliated to them, by providing services that contribute to improving their work
  • Develop partnerships with employers’ organizations internationally.


  • human resources quality
  • team spirit
  • modernity
  • an efficient management of resources
  • transparency
  • an entrepreneurial spirit
  • dialogue
  • solidarity
  • pragmatism
  • passion and commitment
  • creativity
  • ethics in business


Governing bodies:

  • General Assembly of representatives of members of the federation
  • Board of Directors 5-15 members
  • President Franck Albert Neel
  • Executive Director Cătălin Niță catalin.nita@fppg.ro

Federation Members

Founding members

  • Employer Organization PETROGAZ
  • Employer Organization ELECTRA, voluntarily withdrawn in 1999
  • Employer Organization PETROSTAR, voluntarily withdrawn in 2005

Current members

  • Employer  Organization “PETROGAZ” – President PhD. Prof. Mihai BERINDE, www.petrogaz.org
  • Employer organization „GAZ” – President Florin FRUNZĂ


By Civil no. EDF 28 / 12.12.2012, issued by the Bucharest Court, Civil Section, found representativeness Employers Federation in the Oil and Gas sector to “Energy, oil and gas and mining power,” according to Law 62/2011 of the social dialogue.

In the companies that are part of employer organizations within FPPG work 18 339 employees, representing 17.72% of the employees in the business sector “Energy, Oil, Gas & Mining Energy”, according to data released by the National Statistics Institute.

Affiliation to national and international organizations and bodies

Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation is a founding member of the Confederation of Employers CONCORDIA, participating through their legal representatives in the General Assembly 12.02.2007 Constitution.

EC Concordia is a member of ACPR – Alliance of Employers Confederations in Romania, a member of the Brussels-based BUSINESSEUROPE and OIE – International Organization of Employers, based in Geneva.


PARTENER magazine, biannual publication printed and digital format (ISSN 1842-0818; http://partener.fppetrolgaze.ro/ )

  • Summary documentary „International employers’ activity” (I) April, 2010
  • Summary documentary „International employers’ activity” (II) – Employers and professional organizations in the oil and gas industry – November 2010
  • Study „Employers and professional organizations in the energy sector, oil and gas” in Romania, Edition I 2011 and Edition II, November 2012
  • Study „International employers’ activity” – supplement of PARTENER magazine, ArtPRess, 2012
  • Study “International employers ‘activity’ – employers and professional organizations in the oil and gas sector (II) – November 2013
  •  ‘International employers ‘activity’ – Sectoral Committees for Vocational Training – October 2014
  • Organizations of employers and professional organizations in the electricity sector, oil and gas” – third edition – July 2016