Employer Federation of Romanian Carriers

Transport Employers’ Federation of Romania (FPTR) is a non-governmental employers’ organization, independent and apolitical, established in 2012 and aims at representing, promoting, supporting and defending the interests of members in relation to public authorities, trade unions and other legal entities and individuals, in relation to the object and purpose of the activity, nationally and internationally.

FPTR consists of the National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania (UNTRR) and National Union “Transfrigoroute” in Romania.

National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania (UNTRR) http://www.untrr.ro/ is a professional and governmental employers, independent, apolitical, founded in 1990, which promotes and defends the interests of road transport domestically and internationally, recording of existence far more than 13,000 members – operators carrying out domestic and international freight transport and people.

UNTRR is recognized as important social partner of the Ministry of Transport, having the right to submit proposals and amendments to bills of transport. UNTRR is an active member of the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

           National Union “Transfrigoroute” in Romania http://www.transfrigoroute.ro/ is a professional association that represents and promotes the interests of the Romanian road transport temperature control. It was established in 1993 and participates as an active member of the Working Groups of Transfrigoroute International.

Transport Employers’ Federation of Romania (FPTR) carries an important activity domestically and internationally.