Automotive Industry Employers’ Federation


It was founded by the General Assembly constitution of 20.02. In 2013. Has legal personality granted by Decision no. 6 FED/14.03.2013 delivered in File no. 7792/3/2013 by Section V, Court of Bucharest.


Promotes, represents, supports and defends the interests of its members in relations with central and local authorities, trade unions and other legal and natural persons in relation to the object and purpose of the activity, nationally and internationally, according to the Statute and with respect legal provisions


Governing bodies:

  • General Assembly
  • Board of Directors
  • President: Jérome Olive


Founding members:

  • Employers Auto Organization-Industrial, joined by companies:
    • SC Automobile Dacia SA, Argeş
    • SC Renault Mėcanique Roumanie, Argeş
  • Employers Organization Commercial Auto Engineering, joined by companies:
    • SC Renault Technologie Roumanie SRL,Ilfov
    • SC Renault Commercial Roumanie SRL,Bucureşti

Affiliation to national and international organizations and bodies

On 03/20/2013, Automotive Employers Federation joined the Employers’ Confederation CONCORDIA.