European Employers call for an open, united and strong EU

To further benefit from the European way of life, we need a competitive business environment.

Governance through GEO-s and without consultation can’t continue

We invite the Romanian Government to observe the European practices of consultation of the social dialogue partners before issuing laws.

CPC has launched quantitative and qualitative labor market analysis

A lucid radiography of the labor market in Romania

EO 114/2018 – The negative impacts on the economic and business environment

The Ordinance affects sectors that support the modernization of the economy and the quality of life.

Warning! The EO draft on consumer protection will affect the entire economic environment

It is a regress from EU principles and directives in this area.

Romanian premiere through CP Concordia

Affiliation to the largest employers’ organization in Europe.

We are protesting against the adoption of the Emergency Ordinance introducing new taxes

We call for normality and realism, to stop the irreversible degradation of social and economic life in Romania.

Open Letter to PM Viorica Dăncilă

We demand the rejection of the Emergency Ordinance introducing extreme fiscal and economic measures to be implemented in early 2019.

The private environment can’t be ignored

The avalanche of fiscal and budgetary measures with a negative impact on the whole economy is unacceptable.

CPC disapproves of the recent political statements that attack the private sector

We reject the tendentious accusations against the Romanian business environment recently launched in the public space.